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We, M/s Rubicon Systems family is passionate about smart and latest technologies with vision for probable future advanced systems. We are looking for adequate demands in the market to offer smart systems for fulfilling theses demands. We happily serve our clients to have complete satisfaction about our solutions provided to them. We are keen to platter best in class practices and work profile to our team to have emerging next generation youth rightly carry forward the smart solutions.
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We, M/s Rubicon Systems provide smart home automation to make your home and corporate place feel special, safe, elegant and convenient. Create the ultimate lifestyle of luxury and elegance for your sweet home. Be at your moods with Smartomation. Control your home elements like Curtains, Shades, Lights, Fan, AC, TV, DTH, Home Theater System, Projector, Door Locks, Video Door Phones, CCTV from anywhere. Scenes with dimmable light effects makes your home lovely place to be. Enjoy music and movies with Zoning Home Automation around every corner of your home.

Be Smart and operate home on your fingertips with alluring wall touch screens, Apple watch, iPAD, Tablet, customized keypads, mobile handsets, Remote. Eliminate traditional wall switches and make home look more beautiful. Adding in voice control with Alexa and Google Home makes your home more comfortable. Rubicon Systems helps you understand and choose right Smartomation system which will suit your style.

M/s Rubicon Systems have strong desire to turn your wishes into working reality.We have expertise to provide solutions with Latest technologies including Industrial IoT Platforms, Intelligent Monitor and Control IT Solutions, Batch Management Systems, Water Management System, Intelligent Real-Time Material Management System to name a few..

Our Customized and ready to Plug-In IIoT (Industry Internet of Things) based solutions will help you enhance your production due to predictive maintenance, improved safety and operational efficiencies. Our Solutions provide a quick and easy way to Monitor and Control your production data from anywhere.

Advance Dashboards / Reports using Web or Mobile Interface can easily be generated for management and customer reviews as well as for equipment tracking. Data is available over cloud or Local Network which allows customers to see start times, stop times, optimal run times and much more production parameters.

Intelli-Batch is an Advance Enterprise-Plant Integrated solution for Batch Production Processes. An Intelligent design and Modularized product effect in authentic working methods and real data storage for efficient production. Flexible Recipe and batch operations on your fingertips marks Intelli-Batch. Revamping typical batch systems to automated and advanced platform independent systems. Inteli-Batch is ISA– S88 and FDA 21 CFR Part II Compliant.

Water Management System : WMS is IoT based Centralized system for monitoring and Controlling of various Water Parameters like pH, TDS and ORP. WMS is Real-Time Monitoring of related water parameters and plays a major role in maintenance of cooling towers. WMS prevents the probable issues which may disturb the water quality in future. WMS comprises of various elements viz. sensors, meters, Intelli-Connect System along with Android / Web / Windows App with data on secured cloud or Intranet servers.

Intelligent Realtime Material Management System : Smart Bar Code / RFID Solutions - Barcodes and RFID solutions are often overlooked as a method for cutting costs and saving time. iRMMS is Barcode - Mobile application solution for Material Tracking across warehouse. It also supports FIFO and Picklist for effective material inventory management.

RS-EMS - is IoT based Centralized system for monitoring and Controlling of various Energy Parameters like kwh, kvh, kvAh, kVArh, Average PF etc. It is Real-Time Monitoring and logging of various energy parameters. EMS comprises of various elements viz. energy meters, IntelliConnect System along with Android / Web / Windows App with data on secured cloud or Intranet servers.

To empower our ideas with touch of smart products generating best in class customized solutions in the demanding market.
To provide integrated systems in innovative and reliable way.
To be life changer in Smartomation way!
To have efficient, cost-effective and innovative technology in every aspect of every possible segment of the market.
To bring smiles on clients’ working styles and efforts to have the desired output.
To visualize the future humans as Smart, Smiling and with less efforts putting in.
To have enhanced versions of the existing systems in the every aspect which we shall touch.
To have with us the groomed individuals working together as best teams.
We aim to share our innermost happiness with Rubicon Systems family.
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